Hongda Energy & Telecom Sdn. Bhd.,
(HE&T) is a Malaysian company based in Kuala Lumpur.

HE&T has been constituted to build, operate, and maintain the Internet-of-Things (IoT) to engender Smart-Cities and the advancement of the Third Industrial Revolution.

HE&T is focused upon implementing Smart-Greenergy which is the convergence of internet related technologies with renewable energy regimes that lead to a more self-sustaining and eco-friendly environment.

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Industrial Revolution 3.0

Fundamental economic change occurs when new communication technologies converge with new energy regimes. In this regard, internet-tech and greenergy are merging to engender a Collaborative Commons and propel the Third Industrial Revolution.

International Partnerships

HE&T is engaged with subject matter experts and China's State Owned Enterprises in conjunction with Government Agencies and Government Linked Corporations in Asia-Pacific to implement the Five Pillars of the Third Industrial Revolution.

The Five Pillars are interactive, integrated, and seamless, as follows:

  • Evolve to smart greenergy (i.e., convergence of new communication technologies with new energy regime)
  • Transform structures - buildings, road furniture, etc. - into micro power-plants to generate greenergy on-site
  • Deploy storage technologies (e.g., solar cells) in the structures to store intermittent greenergy
  • Transform power grids into an "Energy Internet" so that a plethora of structures, generating small amounts of greenergy on-site, can sell any surplus power to the grid
  • Transition vehicles to electric plug-in, fuel-cell transportation

Third Industrial Revolution
In 2012, Premier Li Keqiang exhorted China's state scholars to be attentive to Jeremy Rifkin's "The Third Industrial Revolution: How Lateral Power is Transforming Energy, the Economy, and the World".

Concurrently, Vice Premier Wang Yang expressed his Government's determination to ensure that China be among the leaders in instituting the Five Pillars of the nascent Third Industrial Revolution.

"HE&T collaborates with governments and industry protagonists to implement the "Five Pillars" as an emergent, integrated technological system whose properties and functions are qualitatively superior to the sum of its parts and which shall engender a new economic paradigm that can transform the world."


HE&T is cognizant of the unique challenges of the international environment and is working with governments, cities, and regions to develop the Internet-of-Things (IoT) for a Collaborative Commons and the advancement of the Third Industrial Revolution.

The IoT is the intelligent infrastructure of the Third Industrial Revolution that will connect everyone and everything in a seamless network. People, machines, natural resources, production lines, logistics, consumption habits, recycling flows, and virtually every other aspect of economic and social life will be connected via sensors and software to the Internet-of-Things, continually feeding Big-Data to every node - businesses, homes, vehicles, etc. - moment by moment in real time.

The Big-Data, in turn, will be analysed with advanced analytics, transformed into predictive algorithms, and programed into automated systems to improve thermodynamic efficiencies, dramatically increase productivity, and reduce the marginal cost of producing and delivering a full range of goods and services to near zero across the entire economy.

Indeed, Industrial Revolution 3.0 will create thousands of businesses and millions of jobs. Moreimportantly, it will usher in a fundamental reordering of human relationships, i.e., from hierarchical to lateral, that will impact the way humans conduct business, govern society, educate children, and engage in civic life.

"We believe we are at the beginning of a Third Industrial Revolution and I want all member countries of UNIDO to hear the message and ask the key question, how does this apply to our economies, how can we be part of this revolution, and of course how do we share knowledge, share capital, and investments around the world to make this revolution really happen."

- Dr. Kandeh K. Yumkella
- Director-General, United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) & Chairman, United Nations Energy
At the biannual conference of UNIDO in 2011


HE&T is involved in the implementation of Smart-Greenergy with regards to street-lights. In this instance, the existing lamps are upgraded to energy-saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamps. Moreover, the lamps are controlled by sensors to engender even more energy savings.

The lamps with sensors are, in turn, connected to a Network Operation Center (NOC) via a [third party's] cellular network in order to ensure constant monitoring of the condition and/or performance of both the lamps and sensors.

The lamps and sensors (i.e., things) that are "networked" to the NOC comprise a rudimentary component of the IoT. The latter, in totality, is the intelligent infrastructure of Smart-Cities within the larger context of the nascent Third Industrial Revolution.

This rudimentary IoT can be further enhanced by connecting solar photo-voltaic panels cum lithium-ion batteries [installed on the lamp-poles] to the lamps and sensors. The solar photo-voltaic panels cum lithium-ion batteries are also monitored by sensors connected to the NOC.

The effect is to render the lamps and all the sensors to become autonomously powered. As solar technology advances, more energy can be generated and the excess energy thus collected can be used for other beneficial purposes in a Collaborative Commons.

HEaT is, therefore, at the forefront of the Third Industrial Revolution by spearheading the implementation of Smart-Greenergy which brings immediate, measurable benefits to governments (e.g., local authorities) and citizens in the form of lower or no energy costs and brighter lighting.


HE&T is committed to the highest standards of environmental responsibility as it is an important factor in operating a socially responsible company. Similarly, HE&T also attach great importance and choose to work with vendors and suppliers who have similar views with regards to minimizing the impact of operations on the environment.

HE&T brings online an eco-friendly and intelligent infrastructure that can connect neighborhoods, cities, regions, and the global economy. This "neural network" is designed to be open, distributive, and collaborative; thereby, allowing anyone, anywhere, and at any time, the opportunity to access it and use the Big-Data to create new apps to manage their daily lives.

The increased energy efficiency and accompanying productivity gains that come with the shift into a Third Industrial Revolution infrastructure, prepares the way for a sustainable circular or closed-loop economy. Using less of the earth's resources more efficiently and productively, as well as, making the transition from carbon-based fuels to renewable energies will be the defining feature of the Collaborative Age.


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